A scalable and type-safe Electron IPC management tool with enhanced DX

yarn add interprocess

🚀 Best-in-class DX

Interprocess has a fully-typed API, to minimize the learning curve, and provide the best possible developer experience.

🧠 Enchanced API

Interprocess is easy to create, manage processes and communicate between them. The provided API is clear, consistent and easy to understand.

🔥 Type-safe and scalable

Electron IPC is good, but difficult to maintain and scale, either because of the numerous channels you have to remember, or because of the inconsistent API between processes and the absence of inferred types of your channels and handlers. These are some of the things that interprocess comes to solve!

🪄 Feature-rich

Centralized IPC declarations is optional, you also can take advantage of the code splitting to have separated IPC declarations using features like createIpcSlice, combineIpcs and more helpful features!